20+ Examples of Material Nouns

  1. Sand – Sand is used to make concrete.
  2. Copper – Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
  3. Cloth – Our clothes are made up in factories.
  4. Flour – I used to knead the flour half an hour before its use.
  5. Glass – Glass is delicate material.
  6. Iron – Iron is a metal which rusts easily.
  7. Marble – The temple floor is made up of marble.
  8. Meat – A 4 kg of meat will be required tomorrow.
  9. Platinum – I brought a platinum ring yesterday.
  10. Milk – We get milk from cows.
  11. Wool – Sweater is made up of rich wool.
  12. Aluminium – Aluminium is used to make metal sheets.
  13. Water – Our earth is covered mostly by water.
  14. Sugar – We add sugar while making tea.
  15. Mud – Small kids like to play in mud.
  16. Soap – Soaps are used for cleaning purpose.
  17. Paint – Paints are chemical substances.
  18. Money – We need to earn money to survive.
  19. Butter – My kids love to apply butter on bread.
  20. Ice – Ice is white.
  21. Dew- We see dew sometimes in nature.
  22. Granite – Granite is one of the hard rock.

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