English Essay on My School – My School Essay For Class 1 to Class 8

Essay on ‘My school’ is very common questions for classes 1 to 8. So here in this post let us see English Essay on My School.

English Essay on My School – My School Essay For Class 1 to Class 8

English Essay on My School for class 1 to class 4​

  • My school is very popular in my city / town.
  • It has big building with many classrooms. All the rooms are well ventilated.
  • My school has a huge playground where we play different games like running, football etc.
  • There is a small but nice garden in my school campus. We care for plants and flowers there.
  • My school arranges many activities for us like drawing, carate, dance, music etc.
  • It conducts different competitions for students.
  • It organizes a lot of extra-curricular activities for us.
  • Teachers of my school are the best. They care and love us a lot.
  • My school arranges different functions like garba in navratri, dahi-handi etc.
  • My school organizes picnic, annual sports, annual function every year.
  • It provides us physical education.
  • My school has computer lab, science lab, maths lab, library where we go everyday.
  • It is performing very well in academics.
  • I love my school very much as it gives us a lot of value education everyday.

English Essay on My School for class 5 to class 8​

  • School is the place where we acquire value education along with life skills.
  • My school is one of the best schools in our city / town.
  • It has well ventilated classrooms and office rooms.It has achieved a perfect balance between modern technology and traditional teaching methodology.
  • It is performing very well in academics.
  • My school organizes different competitions as well as scholarships to boost our talent.
  • We play variety of games in our school playground as kabaddi, kho-kho, running, basketball, volleyball, cricket, hockey etc.
  • My school organizes numerous project based skill sessions to encourage our practical knowledge.
  • It has well equipped science lab, computer lab, maths lab and library.
  • It has a store of all game related equipment.
  • My school gives us physical education twice a week.
  • It also provides a positive environment for us.
  • Our teachers are very attentive towards each of us. They create a friendly environment in their classes.
  • My school is very strict about discipline. It has made us compulsory to wear all accessories like tie, hairband for girls, shoes, socks daily.
  • Completing assignments and homework is also mandatory for us.
  • We ought to be punctual. My school teachers gives punishment for ate comers.
  • Peons of my school are also kind and caring.
  • My school arranges annual sports, annual function, picnic every year for students.
  • Different birthdays and death anniversaries of great people are celebrated every year with respect and honour.
  • I love to go to school as it proves to be a milestone in shaping our career as well as our life.
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