Essay on My Hobby Cricket – Paragraph on My Favourite Game Cricket

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I love Cricket since my early childhood. There would be hardly any person in the world who doesn’t know Cricket.

Although this game has origin in England it has widespread all over the world.

Generally all kids grow parallelly with playing cricket. Same case is with me. I love cricket from my childhood. I used to practice it with all my society-mates.

Initially it found hard for me to bat and bowl. But now I am a master in both of these stuffs. Preferably, I like to bat.

Like other games, cricket also has its own set of rules. It requires 11 players in every team. It is mandatory to play for all of them.

At a time, two teams perform on the field, one of which bats and the other fields. Toss is carried out at the start of the game to decide which team will bat and which will field. Captains of both the team are invited on ground for this toss.

All the players from fielding team and only two players from batting team perform on the ground. Thus, in all 13 players play at any instance on the ground.

There are two types of series played in this game – One-day and Test Series. In one day, the goal of overs is set for every team, maybe it of 50 overs or 20 overs.

The team who is going to bat first have to utilize all these number of overs to collect maximum runs. Their innings ends when all their players are out or if they have played all the number of overs.

In case of a Test Match, there is no restriction of overs. Here the innings ends when all players of a particular team are out. This match generally goes on for 4 to 5 days.

In both the cases, the other team needs to chase the first one to win the match. The team which makes more runs, wins.

As this is a teamwork, all players co-ordinate and co-operate with each other for their best performance.

The Captain decides the sequence of batsmen as well as who will bowl to a particular player of the opposite team.

In case of injury, there is a provision of substitute. But this substitute is not allowed to bat or bowl. He just runs for collecting the runs.

The main batting area is called pitch. This is the area which is at the center of the field where batsman and bowler interact.

This game make it compulsory for every batsman to wear hand gloves, helmet and other protective accessories.

Cricket is an international game so a variety of tournaments are being organized.

Some tournaments are ICC cricket world cup, T20 world cup, Ashes series, Indian Premier League, ICC champions Trophy, Champions League Twenty20 etc.

My favourite cricket players are master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli. A lot of other players contributed most part of their lives to this game.

This game keeps one fit, healthy and strong. Team work, discipline, punctuality, commitment, these values are added to the life of cricket player. Player need to have deep concentration and strong determination to reach perfection.

I like to watch live matches with my cousins, parents and friends. I wish to play as an international cricket player for India.

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