An Autobiography of a Pen (A Pen from 21st Century) – 500 words

An Autobiography of a Pen: I’m not going to ask you do you recognize me. I am not new to your generation, but yes, I will definitely need to ask this question to the next generation.

An Autobiography of a Pen (A Pen from 21st Century) – 500 words

Still let me introduce myself. I am a pen from 21st century. Yes, a pen from 21st century. Why I am saying so? Because this is the era when my use is almost halved. A paperless world is emerging.

There was a time when an hour would not pass without me. People used to handle me to study, to write a list of household items, to write a letter, to prepare some paperwork, to write an application etc. My use was not limited for one or two, but I used to work in many ways.

I was so happy that I was used by so many people. The purpose of my invention was fulfilling the lives of all people.

People used to keep me along with a small diary always in their pocket. Now I am replaced by a mobile.

But as time passed, things changed. Students started to use mobiles to take photos of notes, exercises instead of writing them down.

They download PDFs for easy storage. Most of the people are using different apps to note down important events, points.

Off course, these methods are more convenient than using me every time. I have no objection for increasing use of digital media over traditional means of writing and all.

As these methods are more easy to apply, they should be used. But this does not mean that you should neglect me to this extent.

Today, in the world of video calling, writing a letter is like a dream. Small kids of new generation don’t even know what is a letter and how and why to write it. E-mails and messages are the fancy ways to communicate with each other.

Most of the schools have become digital. So called- E schools. They don’t let students to carry a school bag. They just use a digital board or a screen to teach. Furthermore, they don’t even expect students to write down notes and all.

Some exams are also being conducted online. Just have your mobile or laptop handy, solve the questions on internet and the exam is over.

There was a time when I had a remarkable place at home, office bag, pockets. But now I stay lying at one corner of your home. No one even tak a glance at me.

Now I am used only in school hours and to sign a document. But this will also not go to last long. Because signs are also made by digital techniques. There will definitely be a day when I will be completely extinct.

Next generation kids will ask, what is actually a pen means? How it looks?

I would like to appreciate the old age people from your home as they still prefer to use me. They feel its easy to use me instead of advanced technology.

I miss those days. I like to be handy with you as before. But the world is changing so fast.

Kids from this generation must take up the responsibility for my reuse. They should make aware other people for my use.

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