My Best Friend Essay in English 100 words, 200 words, 300 words

Hello guys, one of the most valuable treasures in our life is our friends. They make our life not only beautiful but also meaningful. In this post we are going to write down some lines describing our best friend. Let us start with an English essay on my best friend.

My Best Friend Essay in English 100 words, 200 words, 300 words

My Best Friend Essay in English 100 words​

My best friend is Piyush who studies with me in my school. We share same bench.

We spend a lot of time together for various activities. His hobby is to make different crafty things. He is very creative and innovative.

He is not only studious but also sporty. Piyush is very good at football and badminton. He does his all the school work in time.

He has a lot of other qualities also. Piyush can speak Japanese along with regional languages. He also has excellent leadership qualities. He is a good speaker too. He has enough knowledge of current affairs and technology.

English Essay on My Best Friend- 200 Words​

Each one of us has a special person in our life whose presence makes us happy and joyful. He is nothing but our best friend. A best friend is one who is our true guardian other than our parents.

My best friend is Piyush. He studies with me in my school. We are friends since 1st standard. We share the same bench.

Piyush is a very creative and innovative boy. He likes to make various crafty things. He has a collection of such things made by him only.

He is not only good at studies but also a master in sports. He is a captain of football team. He also likes to play badminton.

Piyush has a lot of other qualities also. He is good at Japanese language along with regional languages. He is the best speaker in our school.

He keeps interest in current affairs and technology. He keeps himself updated with new tech related stuffs.

Piyush is the backbone of my life. He always remains with me in every up and down situation. He has the solution of my each and every problem.

I can’t imagine my life without my family and Piyush. My god bless him!

English Essay on My Best Friend- 300 Words​

The special person in my life other than my family is my best friend – Piyush. It is impossible to write about him in just few words.

Piyush and I are friends since last 2 years. He is not only my bench-mate but also my neighbour.

We share a lot of things together like tiffin, books, cycle and most importantly thoughts.

We often go for trekking and cycling. We both love to exercise daily.

He is very good at sports as well as studies. He is the captain of our school football team. He plays badminton also.

Piyush is a good speaker as well as craft person. He has a huge collection of various crafty items made by him. He speaks English, Hindi and Japanese very well.

He keeps him updated with current affairs and technology. Along with these things he has a quality to make use of available time in meaningful way.

He never keeps himself busy in mobile and TV. Rather he uses this time for reading science fiction books, making new contacts, learning some new course etc.

He has interest in gaining new skills like swimming, internet surfing, skating etc.

We study as well as play together. He is a good teacher for a guy like me.

He stays with me in every good and bad situation. Piyush keeps me away from all bad stuffs. He has understanding nature.

He is mature enough to help his parents at home and teachers at school. He can make friends easily. He keeps people around him always happy and stress free.

His knowledge and personality is outstanding. He can grasp any topic easily.

I am very much proud of him and feel myself lucky to have a friend like Piyush. May god fulfil all his wishes!
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