Subject Object Verb English Grammar – Basic parts of a sentence

Subject Object Verb English Grammar – Basic parts of a sentence : Almost all sentences of English are formed by the use of 3 basic parts – Subject, Object, Verb.

Subject Object Verb English Grammar – Basic parts of a sentence

What is a sentence?​

A sentence is one which has at least one verb and makes a complete sense of an action.

In case of a simple sentence, the structure of the sentence is like this,

Subject + Verb + Object

Examples –
  1. I have an umbrella.
  2. She had an office.
  3. The girl found her doll.
  4. John and Merry married with each other.
  5. We visited a park yesterday.
  6. Goutam is fond of ice-cream.
  7. Vedant went with his parents.
  8. School will reopen in June.
  9. Great persons never get upset with defeats.
  10. Small girls are dancing in rhythm.
A sentence always has at least one subject and verb. It may have or may not have an object.

Now let us see what a subject is.

What is a subject in English Grammar?​

Subject is one about which some information is given in a sentence.

It may be singular or plural, a noun or pronoun.

It may be a name of an animal, a plant,

For example-
  1. George has driven his car.
    Here, George is a subject as some information is given about him.
  2. Players are in swing.
  3. Plants give us oxygen.
  4. We caught bus on time.
  5. All the students played very well.
  6. Cats and dogs are enemies.
  7. Rain is pouring continuously.
  8. Some animals are cared at home.
  9. I like to surf on the net.
  10. People gossip about the burning issues.

What is object in English Grammar?​

Object is a part of a sentence on which a verb performs an action. It may be a noun, a pronoun or a noun phrase.

It is governed by a verb or a preposition. Furthermore, it may be a person, a place or a thing.

It comes immediately after the verb in simple sentences.

  1. I got a new umbrella yesterday.
  2. Merry married with John last month.
  3. Tigers eat other animals.
  4. I found my old jacket in the cupboard.
  5. Jenny and Jenifer ate watermelon.
  6. Cricketers performed at their best.
  7. My teacher suggested me to study hard.
  8. Patrik finds science hard.
  9. Mr. Narendra Modi is trying a lot for nation’s progress.
  10. My uncle will definitely bring a scooter for me.

What is a verb in English Grammar?​

A verb is nothing but an action word used in a sentence. It tells us which action has been performed by a subject.

The verb may be Main verb or Associative verb.

A main verb is one which gives an idea of actual action taken For example- play, jump, ride, keep, find, search, write, care, look, see, eat etc.

An associative verb is one which associates the main verb. For example- is, are, will, can, shall, has, have, had, do, does, did etc.

There are two types of verbs – 1] Transitive verb 2] Intransitive Verb

1] Transitive Verb is one with which an object is associated.

2] Intransitive Verb is one with which there is no object associated.

To read more about Transitive and Intransitive Verb Click here.

  1. I locked my home.
  2. Pressure cooker gives whistles.
  3. Schools give us value education.
  4. Parents care for their kids.
  5. Fogat sisters are popular for wrestling skills.
  6. We use perfume every day.
  7. My husband had worked in that company.
  8. Varun will play football matches in vacation.
  9. Swami gave me whatever I needed.
  10. One of the students will accompany you.
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