English Grammar Exercises on Tenses with Answers – Mix Questions

Before going to solve these exercises, my suggestion is to go through the basics of all tenses here.


Q1. Identify tense of the given sentence.​

  1. He got an idea.
  2. I will search for the new place.
  3. My uncle and aunt have mounted a statue in their hall.
  4. All Sundays are holidays.
  5. My students were my strength.
  6. He was travelling by bus.
  7. I will have been visiting that zoo in next month.
  8. We were at home.
  9. John will cover his mouth.
  10. Peter and his friend had been watching the new movie.

Q2. Rewrite the given sentences as per given tense in brackets.​

  1. Sahil found his lost key. (Future continuous tense)
  2. Mohan watered the plants. ( Simple present tense)
  3. Tom catches the Jerry. (Past continuous tense)
  4. My father used his spects. ( Future perfect tense)
  5. Computers perform the best. ( Present perfect continuous tense)
  6. My surname was Patel. ( Simple future tense)
  7. He caught the train in time. ( Past perfect continuous tense)
  8. I have placed an umbrella on table. ( Past perfect tesne)
  9. You will be having that car. ( Present continuous tense)
  10. My dreams are very big. ( Simple past tense)

Answer Key​


  1. Simple past tense
  2. Simple Future tesne
  3. Perfect Present Tense
  4. Simple Present tense
  5. Simple Past tense
  6. Past Continuous tense
  7. Perfect Continuous Future tense
  8. Simple Past tense
  9. Simple Future tense
  10. Past perfect continuous tense.


  1. Sahil will be finding his lost key.
  2. Mohan waters the plants.
  3. Tom was catching the Jerry. (Past continuous tense)
  4. My father will have used his spects.
  5. Computers have been performing the best.
  6. My surname will be Patel. ( Simple future tense)
  7. He had been catching the train in time.
  8. I have had placed an umbrella on table.
  9. You are having that car.
  10. My dreams were very big. ( Simple past tense)
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