Air Pollution Essay English – Definition, causes, effects and measures

Air is one of the most important natural resource. It is used by all living organisms for various purposes. The most important use of air is it contains oxygen which is breathed in by all living beings.

Air Pollution Essay English – Definition, causes, effects and measures

Breathing is the basic process in which air is taken in the body, gets filtered, exchanged in lungs and impure air is expelled out. But if this air is impure, how any living being be safe?

Air pollution is nothing but contamination of air which is caused by variety of factors such as dust, smoke, poisonous gases, fog etc. These are called as air pollutants.

These air pollutants get created by mostly human activities such as burning of fuel, combustion, industrialization, atomic explosion, bomb blasts etc.

Use of air conditioners, fluorescent lights, plastic bags, forest fires, crackers are few more reasons of air pollution.

Air pollution has a lot of hazardous effect not only on human body but also on animals as well as plants. It is a silent killer.

Humans suffer from respiratory disorders, asthma, headache, irritation of eyes, nose and eyes inflammation etc. In some cases chest pain, fatigue, brain stroke are also observed. Pneumonia, bronchitis, cardiovascular diseases are also seen.

Air pollution has widespread damage of plants, vegetables, flowers as well as fruits. Their stomata get covered with dust which results on shortening in exchange of gases. Plant growth get affected. Necrosis i.e. damage of tissues also have been seen.

To get rid of all these harmful ill effects is an essential step. Various ways that can be followed are:
  • Use of public transport
  • Turning off the fluorescent lights when not in use
  • Recycling and reusing the things
  • Saying NO to plastic bags
  • Reduction in forest fires and smoking
  • Using fans instead of air conditioenrs
  • Avoiding usage of crackers
  • Afforestation

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