MOR Full Form: What is the Full Form of MOR?

MOR Full Form: Hello Dear Friends, Welcome to our site. In this post, I would tell you the MOR Full Form. Hence, you do not need to worry about that Just read this article.

What is the Full Form of MOR?

MOR Full Form: We all are using Thousands of Shorts forms in our daily life but out of them, we know the Full Form and Meaning of a very few short forms.

But, It is very important to know about all the Full Forms and Meanings of any short forms or words before using them. So, let’s Discuss the MOR Full Form.

Here we collected some Full Forms that are more used for MOR Full Form. Below we have given some Full Forms that are very common and more used in MOR Full Form.

Read All MOR Full Form
MOR= Ministry of Railways
MOR= Magneto-Optical Recording
MOR= Mathematics of Operations Research
MOR= Merchant of Record
MOR= Mother of Runes

Also, there are many Full Form of MOR that is remaining you can read all of them by clicking “Read All MOR Full Form” In the Below Paragraph you can read What is MOR?

What is MOR?

Do you know What is MOR? I tell you When you ask What is MOR? the only answer appears that MOR is an Acronym and this word has many Full Forms.

So, I hope now you understand that this word has many Full Forms. Below we have given some important MOR Full Form. You can read all the MOR Full Form in the table below.

All MOR Full Form (MOR Ka Full Form)​

Mathematics of Operations Research
Ministry of Railways
Meals on the Run
Ministry of Revenue
Mother of Runes
Merchant of Record
Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush
Management by Objectives and Results
Memorandum of Reprimand
Modulus of Rupture
Magneto-Optical Recording
Managed Object Repository
Manager Once Removed
Mid-Ocean Ridge
Masters of Reality
Management of Risk
Monthly Operating Report
Medication Observation Record
Minimum Order Requirement
Meteorological Optical Range
Mortality Odds Ratio
Mortal Oscillatory Rate
Military Operations Research
Mission Operations Review
Mandatory Occurrence Report
Mission Operations Room
Mouvements Oculaires Rapides
Master of Operations Research
Monthly Organizational Report
Memorandum Of Record
Military Operational Requirement
Median Odds Ratio
Multi-wavelength Optical Repeater
Mission Operations Report
Monthly Operating Review
Master Ordnance Repair
Model of Record
Medical Officer Report
Mail Order Rule
Minister of Reality
Motor Operated Rheostat
Market Opportunity Rating
Manufacturing Operation Recovery
Management Operating Ratio
Mid-Ocean Range
Multinational Opportunity Registration
Monthly Obligation Report
Mission, Base Operations, Renovation

In the above table, we learn about many MOR Full Form. Now we discuss the Frequently Asked Questions of MOR Full Form.

(FAQs:) MOR Full Form

What is the MOR Full Form?
MOR Full Form is the Ministry of Railways.

What is the Full Form of MOR in Mechanical?
The Full Form of MOR in Mechanical is Modulus of Rupture.

What is MOR in Science?
Mid-Ocean Ridge & Modulus of Rupture.

What is MOR in ICT?
MOR in ICT is Managed Object Repository.

What does MOR Mean in Slang?
MOR Mean in Slang is Middle-Of-Road.

Conclusion (MOR Full Form)

MOR Full Form: I hope that this article MOR Full Form is very Informative to you for understanding the MOR Meaning orMOR Definitionand much more information about MOR.If you have any queries related to this you can comment below. I will definitely give an answer to this.

OK, So Thank you so much for reading this article MOR Full Form.
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