Present Perfect Tense Examples – English Grammar Made Easy

Before reading these Present Perfect Tense Examples just go through What is Present Perfect Tense in hindi.
  1. I have found an old book.
  2. She has done a good job.
  3. We have targeted that boy.
  4. Meena has cooked tasty dishes.
  5. Gaurav has seen that movie.
  6. My parents have called him.
  7. These speakers have spoken well.
  8. Teachers have ordered all students.
  9. The Student has performed well in annual function.
  10. Butterflies have flown in the garden.
  11. Thief has theft all expensive material.
  12. Cats have drunk all the milk.
  13. This plant has made its food.
  14. Friends have celebrated my birthday.
  15. Scientists have researched a lot.
  16. That boy has made history.
  17. Creators have created nice scene.
  18. Animals have eaten their prey.
  19. My kid has started her career.
  20. An athlete has driven the attention of all audience.
  21. You have jumped on the floor.
  22. Teena has achieved this victory by hard work.
  23. These wards attended my class yesterday.
  24. My school has given holiday tomorrow.
  25. He has recommended me a new salon.
  26. Father and mother have allowed me to attend your birthday party.
  27. God has given a beautiful life to us.
  28. Sheela and Meena have gifted me a nice book.
  29. My brother has shown me that new play.
  30. Nobody has told me that before.
  31. Those teams have scored very good.
  32. I have visited my native place last year.
  33. The typist has typed with great speed.
  34. The author has written in poetic language.
  35. Doctors have found nothing serious in my report.
  36. Have you listened to him?
  37. My sister has never done this type of job.
  38. Potters have shaped big pots.
  39. I have painted pictures beautifully.
  40. Serial killers have killed around 25 people.
  41. Policeman have caught thief.
  42. Cart has filled with grocery.
  43. Have you drawn water from the well?
  44. Julie has lived a nice life.
  45. My group has sung well.
  46. Rodents have made their homes in earth.
  47. I have wondered.
  48. He has collected all the material.
  49. Farukh has joined gym.
  50. You have stopped me.
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