An English Essay on An Autobiography of Farmer – 300 words

An Autobiography of Farmer-300 words:

I feel proud of myself being a farmer. I am the producer of crops. One of the basic needs of living things i . e. food, is fulfilled just because of my efforts.

An English Essay on An Autobiography of Farmer – 300 words

I work hard day and night so that each and every human being gets its day’s need. Any kind of weather, any season cannot keeps me away from my work.

My whole family helps me in my work. I along with my family wake up early in the morning to work in my farm.

I love my field and am fond of working there. My field is my mother as it nurtures me.

My work and it’s results are totally dependent on monsoon. If it rains well , I feel satisfactory because of good harvest but the condition becomes worst if it does not rain.

I need to borrow money from money-lender at high interest and hope to pay back the amount earned through my farming practice or harvest. But in case of failure of cro3p it becomes difficult for me to pay back.

I am poor and not educated. The positive thing is the presence of lot of advanced technology in farming practices. All the traditional tools have been replaced by modern ones which boosts the harvest and ultimately our profits.

Government also supports us very well. I get good quality seeds and fertilizers from government. Governments has also made available water pumps. Soil samples from our fields are collected periodically to check whether it is lacking any nutritional component.

I get right price for our crops due to efforts taken by some some organizations. These organizations also conduct some programs frequently to make us aware of new technology and government schemes.

Farming has changed a lot now. It’s not like olden days. All the credit goes to government and those organizations which prove to be useful to us.
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