The Importance of Farmer (The Farmer Essay) – 300 words

Importance of Farmer (The Farmer Essay) : The real backbone of our society is none other than a farmer. There would be no food in our plates if a farmer would not cultivate his land. He is a person who provides us all our basic needs- food, shelter and clothing.

The Importance of Farmer (The Farmer Essay) – 300 words

No Farmers, No Food !

He wakes up before sunrise and works in his field in every situation. Heavy rainfall, fog, bright sunny days, water crisis, climate change can’t stop him from working in the field.

His whole family supports and helps him. They do all farming activities like ploughing, sowing, irrigation, harvesting, winnowing together.

He makes the bare land fertile and create greenery on our planet. In any calamety we survive just because of efforts taken by a farmer.

A farmer is a heart of any nation.If this heart stops working, the whole nation will live no longer.

He not only provides food but also most of our needs are fulfilled because of his efforts only. It may be furniture, papers, cloths, medicines, cosmetics, raw materials to various factories and a lot more.

A farmer is the driving force to economy. It contributes about 18 % to total GDP as well as provides employment to 60 % of rural population.

What if there would be no farmers?

Imagine a day when there would be no farmers. We will suffer a food shortage.

Meat industry is indirectly dependent on agriculture. If there would be no farmers, meat industry would face a major crisis.

Not only this, some of the employments which are dependent on agriculture will decline. Grocery shops would be closed.

Our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ to emphasize the contribution of farmer to nations progress.

No army in the world can win the war without food and all soldiers are provided by this basic need due to hard work of a farmer only.

Many agricultural products are exported to foreign countries which bring foreign currency.

This shows that the progress of country partially depends upon farmer’s devotion. So let’s give a salute and respect to the farmer.
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