An Essay on An Autobiography of a Student

It is said that a person should always be a student. He should be always ready to learn and grasp newer and newer things at all time. Being a student, I always follow this principle.

An Essay on An Autobiography of a Student

I am much more aware that my future is in my hand only. Whatever I sow now, it is going to reap after some years. If my base is not strong, how can I build my personality so strong?

I always have been a good reader. I like to read self-development books which shape my life, which give positive direction to my life. Books are not only our good friends but also our mentor.

In my life as a student, I always have been a favourite lad of almost all my teachers. I used to always follow their instructions and respect them. I think, teachers are strong pillars of life of any student along with his parents.

An ideal student should should be very active in each and every aspect of academics as well as extra-curricular activities. It may be gymnastics, any art, sport, public speaking and a lot of more things. All these aspects build a 360 degree personality of a student.

I had my primary education in government school at my native place. Golden days they were! All lovely friends, more than strict teachers and lovable environment. I used to take part in almost all activities as well as competitions in my school days.

Then I shifted to the urban area with my family and took admission in one of the English Medium Schools. That environment, friend circle, teaching staff was all new for me but coped up with it all.

In my academic years I learnt a lot of skills which will definitely lead me to the peak point of my career goal.

A student should always be adaptable to new environment, new skills. He should always be in search of new and good opportunities. As soon as the opportunity knocks the door, he should grab it and convert it into golden opportunity.
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